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Inspection Work and Operating Course before Turning on Water Knife Cutter

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/22/2020 6:02:49 PM

       "The water cutter can be said to be applied to thousands of households, and I say this, and some people may say,""How can it be popularized, and my family has nothing to do with it?""Actually, you don't know, it's creeping in.Hollow-out glass flower is so wonderful that it is cut by a water jet.Look at the small furnishings at home, there are also water jet processing oh, and so on, you will gradually find that water jet technology is not a few items.Let's take the first step and see how it works.
     In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment in operation, equipment operators must master the correct operation procedures and methods of equipment, and must do a good job of equipment maintenance after operation.The normal operation procedure of the equipment mainly includes several steps, such as checking before starting, boosting during starting, normal operation and shutting down during boosting.(1) Inspection before start-up.In order to avoid the occurrence of equipment faults, it is very important and necessary to check before starting up. First, it is necessary to ensure the equipment is placed smoothly and check whether the lubricating oil level is in accordance with the regulations. Manual turning check whether the pump is stuck or not.Check for loose connections at important connections such as pump cylinder, piston connection and pipes, valves, etc.Check whether the inlet and outlet water lines are unblocked.For intake water, it is necessary to ensure the intact filtration device, clean water source and normal supply. If water is supplied by the front pump, it is also necessary to check whether the front pump can work properly. For outlet water, it is necessary to ensure that all control valves are open, i.e. the pump is in low pressure operation when starting up, and check whether the high-pressure hose is damaged due to pressure or abrasion, or not due to internal ruption.Drums, etc.Check electrical parts.Before switching on the power supply, check whether the connection of each wire head in the electronic control cabinet is loose and falls off, whether the knobs and instruments are damaged or not, and whether the cable insulation wrapping is in good condition; after switching on the power supply, move it to observe whether the steering of the motor meets the requirements, and if not, reconnect it.For the diesel engine driving unit, it is necessary to check whether the diesel engine can work properly and strictly follow the relevant operating steps of the diesel engine.If there are pneumatic or hydraulic components in the device, such as pneumatic or hydraulic rotating nozzles, the power source of these devices should be checked for proper operation.The spray head should be switched on to flush the equipment lines before installation, and can be connected only after ensuring that the spray nozzle is not blocked or damaged and that the spray head connection threads are intact and undamaged.The water knife cutter goes through these steps and is not far from what we want to process.