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What do you know about the function and use of water cutting machine?

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/23/2020 10:03:12 AM

      Water knife cutting machine, this cutting technology is a multi-purpose, perfect performance of modern cutting technology, its biggest feature is non heat source of high pressure and high energy jet beam processing, cutting without heat process, can do in many fields have other equipment can't compare advantage. With: no thermal deformation, smooth incision, no dust, no pollution, reduce material waste and other characteristics. The function and use of water jet involves all aspects of production and life, which brings great changes to our production and life. It is the carrier of modern industrial application and the crystallization of modern science and technology.

1、 In Metalworking

       Among many cutting methods, water cutting is a special kind of cold cutting. By using the kinetic energy of abrasive water jet to cut the metal, the purpose of cutting is achieved. There is no chemical change in the cutting process. It has the advantages of no impact on material performance, no thermal deformation, narrow cutting seam, high precision, smooth cutting surface, clean and pollution-free.

2、 In aviation manufacturing

        In the late 70s, the aerospace industry used pure water knives to cut soft materials, such as soft plastic, carpet, foam and fabric seats. As many aerospace companies seek high efficiency and more flexible productivity methods, manufacturers realize the need for a processing method to cut hard materials, so sanding cutting technology arises at the historic moment. It can cut materials such as carbon fiber composites, aluminum and its alloys, stainless steel, titanium and its alloys. A complete system, with a fully integrated multi axis motion control, can provide high-precision metal cutting solutions, which can be used to cut aircraft fuselage, tail, wing sections, turbine blades, power distribution boards, sheet metal parts up to 8 inches in thickness and rubber and plastic parts with smooth and flat cutting surface and without delamination. It is worth noting that water cutting machine common fault solutions also need to be flexible to grasp, so that it will not lose.

3、 In the paper industry

      It is used for slitting kraft paper, corrugated box board, etc. without dust pollution. In electronic industry, it is used for contour cutting of printed circuit board.

4、 In the textile industry

      Used for cutting multi-layer cloth, can improve the cutting efficiency, reduce the damage of the edge.

5、 In the ceramic and stone industry

      The main processing machinery of ceramic and stone industry is widely used. Its outstanding feature is to cover all the curve cutting of ceramic stone. It also includes the scope of application of some large and complicated cutting, including: large ceramic murals, hall floor mosaic, ceramic screen, cabinet and bathroom special-shaped table, stone furniture, etc.

6、 In modern medicine

      Medical water jet technology has been widely used in trauma surgery, ENT surgery and other surgical operations, and with the continuous leap of medical technology, in the treatment of tumors, the impact of high-pressure spiral water can be used to smash and suck the liver parenchymal cells, and the effect is that the intrahepatic bile duct, artery, portal vein and hepatic vein are intact In addition, there is no thermal injury, which reduces the chance of bleeding and bile leakage to the greatest extent and shortens the operation time. By changing the pressure and flow rate, we can not only achieve the purpose of selective dissection of human tissues, but also maximize the maintenance of specific tissues. Therefore, it has the advantages of less trauma, less bleeding and less postoperative complications.

      With the progress of medical technology, local sculpture has a better choice, that is, the water knife liposuction - let the water spray out in the form of mist, water pressure smashes the fat, the metal tube has no resistance to go in and out, and the aspirated metal tube pulls out the fat and the previously injected liquid at the same time. Its advantages include: no pain, no bruising, low swelling and regular skin. High satisfaction.

      With the rapid development of water cutting machine technology, I believe it will cross many other fields and play its greater value in the future.