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What are the main components of water knife sand?

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/26/2020 10:37:39 AM

Advantages of water knife sand

1. Under a certain pressure effect, water knife sand is regarded as a very fast jet grinding method because it is impacted by many sharp edges. The acceleration and velocity of particles in the air flow are the effects of inertia and particle size. The smaller the particle is, the simpler the acceleration is. Therefore, a higher impact force can occur on the surface of the object. The water jet sand is twice as fast as other abrasives.

2. Water knife sand is different from other data of jet grinding. Water knife sand is a kind of pure natural non-toxic mineral. The inside of water knife sand does not contain free silicon and other harmful substances that cause silicosis, and does not contain toxic heavy metals or radioactive pollutants. Therefore, in the process of operation, due to the serious ratio of water knife sand, dust is rarely announced, which effectively ensures the health of the operator
3. The surface treatment quality of water knife sand is very high. In the process of jet grinding, water knife sand can deepen to the holes and pits on the surface and reach the bare surface of metal. It can completely remove all rust and other pollutants. The metal surface treated by water knife sand is very clean and free from pollution

The quality of the insert reaches SIS standard, and the cost of water knife sand is low. It is an excellent choice for every household.