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What materials can a water jet cut

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/29/2020 10:41:50 AM

  Metal cutting is the processing step that almost all materials need to go through, and the cutting methods are different according to different materials. For metal materials, wire cutting, water cutting, laser cutting and other methods are the best choice. But the specific choice of which, in addition to considering the cutting performance and cutting quality, the cost is also one aspect.
    To say the history, wire cutting is the first rise, but there is no way to meet the needs of modern industrial processing, so it is gradually replaced by other cutting methods. But compared with water cutting, wire cutting has an obvious advantage, that is, the cutting surface is more neat. Laser cutting is ideal in all aspects, that is, the cost is relatively high, not all enterprises can afford it, and this way is also powerless for thick metal materials.
    The rest is water cutting. Generally speaking, it is better than wire cutting and laser cutting, so it has become the most widely used cutting method. The reason why it's good is that it can cut any material and has no requirement for thickness; moreover, it's the most ideal cutting equipment with moderate price and high cost performance.
      Water jet is widely used in the industry, especially in the field of glass and ceramic stone cutting operations. For these different cutting objects, water jet has its own unique operation scheme. Let's get familiar with it.
    In today's society, with the development of glass, ceramic and stone industry, people also put forward more demand for oxidation of this kind of products, so it can only be achieved through superb cutting technology. For the plane material, the water jet can complete all kinds of geometric graphics processing under the control of the program, while the ordinary cutting method can only achieve linear cutting.
    And the cutting process will produce heat, so there is no such worry about arc marks, using water jet cutting will only be more safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to some graphics, the water jet can also complete modeling and drilling operations, which do not need to use the mold, more convenient, simple and flexible. It is this advantage that makes glass products, ceramic products, stone paper have a better embodiment.