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Water cutting improves the recycling of materials

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/30/2020 9:50:10 AM

When processing expensive materials, it is important to minimize waste. The following example shows how water jet technology can produce Inconel cylinders and save materials in the process. By using water jet technology to cut holes instead of drill holes, residual materials can be stored, molded and reused. This not only provides better economy, but also brings opportunities for new products.
The results meet the challenge
This involves cutting holes up to 127 mm (3 in) in diameter on a 152.4 mm (5 in) wide Inconel cylinder. Tolerance requirements are very high, until recently, machining was carried out by drilling. When the perimeter of the hole is greater than 50% of the material diameter, drilling means that most of the material (36%) is converted to waste.
Narrow incisions (1-1.5mm) and water cut incisions provide a variety of recycling possibilities. Water jet technology can not only drill a hole, but also cut three parts from the raw material, just like stacking Russian dolls. The result is a residual material that can be recycled rather than wasted.

This is a precision process with the potential to save materials. Success depends on the correct cutting parameters, as well as the performance and accuracy of the machine. The challenge is to achieve results within tolerances while maintaining accuracy.


A 152 x 203 mm (5 x 8 in) cutting object does not require a large work area. Therefore, despite the high tolerance requirements, this standard machine size is more than enough. It is suitable for this special machining process to realize simple and practical material management. Using the standard model also means that the solution is cost-effective and proven to ensure long-term performance. H-type with optional ultra-high cutting pressure. KMT Pro 360 HP can provide 6200 bar water pressure, which can achieve faster machining speed and straighter cutting surface even with thicker materials.
Custom water tanks and Fixtures
In order to cut thick cylinders up to 6200 bar thick, this H-type solution has been improved by custom cans designed for efficient and smooth production. The solution also includes an additional splash shield on the side and a special nozzle cover to spread water horizontally. This is very important for the working environment when piercing thicker materials, because water mist often deflects. To ensure high accuracy and repeatability, the tank is equipped with an integrated fixture system composed of three parts. Fixture table, palette fixture and material holder.
The fixture table is connected to the tank through special legs to improve support, maximum stability and repeatability.
The design of the palette holder makes it easy to move in and out of the tank. The special tapered guide rail will automatically re align to the starting position on the fixture table.
The material rack is designed to handle materials of various diameters and can withstand harsh manufacturing environment. It is easy to load and unload, and provides effective workflow and manufacturing process.
To withstand the constant wear and tear of water and sand, the customized tank and fixture solutions are made entirely of stainless steel.