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Water knife cutting technology is widely used in many industries requiring cutting or polishing

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:3/23/2023 2:40:24 PM

(1) In the advertising field we are familiar with, all kinds of titanium alloy and stainless steel text cutting need this technology. In addition, a variety of advertising graphics cutting also need this technology to complete.

(2) What we know about the electronic field: the application of circuit boards also needs to be completed with the cooperation of cutting technology.

(3) In our great space field, the cutting of inconel, composite materials, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials is also completed by water knife cutting technology.

(4) The processing of hardwood, plywood and composite board in various wood processing industries also needs the technology at this time to proceed smoothly.

(5) Granite, cement products, gypsum, ceramic tiles, marble, sound insulation materials, mineral wool and other materials cutting is also widely used in various architectural decoration fields.

(6) The rearview mirror, outer cover, instrument panel, interior parts, rubber parts and seals in the automotive field are also processed by water knife cutting technology.

(7) The processing of copper, aluminum, gear, castings, stainless steel, glass steel and so on in the field of mechanical ship manufacturing is also completed with this technology.

(8) The field of glass composite glass, plexiglass, special-shaped cutting, laminated glass processing is also completed with this technology.

(9) The processing of aramid fiber in the important military industry is also successfully completed by water cutting technology.

(10) Papermaking, textile industry all kinds of floor leather, corrugated paper, printing paper, clothing materials, leather, carpet processing is also completed through this technology.

​ (11) The processing of insulating materials, electric cabinet and electric board in the power industry also needs to be widely used to complete various cutting tasks.

(12) In the field of chemical industry, a variety of radial cross-section cutting and rubber plate processing is also completed by water knife cutting technology.

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