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Water knife operation skills, which can improve the processing efficiency

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/28/2020 9:57:02 AM

    In the use of water jet processing may encounter many unexpected problems, for the lack of experience, it is very time-consuming and laborious to solve. If you can master some skills, you can also make the water jet machining more smooth and give full play to its value.
    In fact, ordinary tap water can be used in the water jet system. As long as the water is softened before entering the supercharger through the water filter at the pump inlet, the purpose is to purify the water and turn it into "unsaturated" water, which is very beneficial to the cutting effect and the water jet itself. 
    In the treatment of different thickness of cutting materials, it is necessary to equip the water jet with different cutting heads. Experiments show that when cutting materials with thickness less than 2.5, the output of medium or large cutting heads is not high. If necessary, small parameter combinations can be used and multi head cutting can be considered to increase production. 
    Because the size of air gap is strictly regulated in water jet cutting, in order to avoid cutting air gap larger than 0.5mm, the surface is rough when cutting the lower layer; when stacking and cutting, the sheets can be stacked neatly. 
    In order to reduce the surface atomization, underwater cutting can be considered, because underwater cutting can reduce the surface or upper edge atomization caused by sanding water jet cutting process, and greatly reduce the cutting noise, and make the working environment more clean and orderly.
    If we use different mesh abrasive for different work, we can consider adding a small or large sand bucket, which can make the whole work more compact and efficient.