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Water knife stone water knife cutting sand technical requirements to meet what conditions

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/1/2022 11:06:12 AM

Water knife cutting natural stone why to use sand


  1. Natural stone is a hard material with high density and strong hardness


  2, water knife is through the high pressure system to pressure ordinary tap water to more than 400MPa, through the aperture of 0.3mm jet so that the high pressure water speed of more than 1000m/s.


  3, for natural stone this kind of hard material, water knife cutting is driven by the speed of the water knife the right amount of pomegranate sand processing.


  4, the use of sand water knife cutting will not have a lot of heat, will not make the material thermal deformation.


  Hard texture, Mohs hardness above 7.1, than commonly used quartz sand, sea sand, river sand and other sandblasting materials hardness are high, and long service life.


  Because garnet is equiaxed crystal system, no cleavage itself, so after it is made into sandblasting, the water knife formed with edges and corners of the approximate cube particles, the effect of sand blasting rust is better. It can not only remove the rust, oxide skin, coating and pollutants on the metal surface, but also because of the high hardness, can produce an ideal angular rough surface on the cleaned metal surface, increase the surface area of the metal, improve the interface bonding force, so that the corrosion resistant protective coating and the metal surface of the binding force significantly enhanced, so as to improve the bonding performance of the coating and the metal surface.


  The stability of machine tool is the main factor that determines the high precision of water knife.


  Water knife bed by 8 mm thick large square steel welding after aging treatment, the bed does not deformation, mechanical structure is stable.


  Water cutting industry Hyde in the square steel pouring concrete structure, to ensure that the machine tool working almost no vibration, stable physical performance, to ensure that the ideal cutting effect. Water knife

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