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Water cutting machine platform maintenance are you still manual desanding water knife

Posted by: SHUTTLE    Time:9/2/2022 5:02:10 PM

Water cutting machine platform repair and maintenance


  1. The platform of the water cutting machine should often fill lubricating oil to the linear guide rail, ball screw, nut support, etc. In principle, the machine needs to manually fill oil once every 2 hours of continuous work.


  2. It is necessary to fill the oil filling pump frequently so that the oil level is not lower than the * low oil level mark.


  3. At least once a month, the abrasive sand and corners deposited in the sink should be cleaned regularly.


  4. The industrial computer should be used as a special machine for water cutting machine, and the hard disk of water knife should have enough space to install anti-virus software, so as to meet the needs of cutting complex parts.


  5. The cable connecting the electric control box with the cutting platform and the high voltage generator should be well protected. Foot or extrusion is strictly prohibited.


  6. To replace the grid strip often, in order to affect the accuracy of cutting.


  Anyone who owns a water cutter knows that sanding is an essential step. So when it comes to sand removal, we have to talk about the evolution of sand removal system water knife history. A long time ago, when the water cutting machine was just born, when the sand in the tank was full, everyone would sand together in three steps: grab the spade; Dig sand; Sanding (This manual sanding is said to be very sour cool oh).


  However, with the development of water knife, sanding has evolved into an automatic sanding system. Automatic sanding system can be in the tank of sand and water mixture through the pump to the automatic sanding system without stopping, through the desanding system in the precipitation device, quickly separated sand water, water flow back to the tank, until the sand in the desanding system to accommodate the limit, then into the cleaning. It can greatly save manpower and reduce the damage to the water tank when cleaning. Keep the content of sand in the tank at all times, and keep the sanitation of the cutting environment to the maximum extent.


  So how to operate the automatic sanding system? The operation of the device requires only four steps to complete the sanding work: the sanding system is in place. Mud pump into tank. Switch on the mud pump power supply. When the sand is full, stop the machine and dump the waste sand. Don't be too simple. Water knife

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