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The water knife cuts the waste in the form of whole pieces rather than debris,
Can be used twice, maximize the utilization rate of materials, reduce material waste,
Low operation cost, reduce production cost,
The cutting accuracy is ±0.1mm

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Product introduction

This is a comprehensive water knife cutting machine with complete functions and wide application.

You can adjust the cutting Angle between 0 and 72 according to the actual machining requirements. Such as 0 degrees vertical cutting hole, 45 degrees cutting plate.

To increase productivity, you can change angles and speeds in the same cutting process. When 0 degree vertical cutting, speed up;

When cutting at a 45 degree Angle, the speed is automatically reduced to ensure a smooth cutting surface.

For stone, tile parquet, choose small Angle cutting, such as 2-4 degrees. After cutting, there is no need for secondary processing and grinding, and the splicing is completed directly.

All kinds of metals, such as steel plate, stainless steel plate, and high inverse materials, such as aluminum plate, copper plate, according to different processing needs, multi-angle cutting, cutting precision is higher.

You can also match the 3D software imported from abroad to achieve 3D cutting of different materials.

Model number SH-3015 SH-3020 SH-3520 SH-4020
Inner frame size 3000*1500mm 3000*2000mm 3500*2000mm 4000*2000mm
Effective cutting stroke of 45 degrees 2700*1250mm 2700*1800mm 3200*1800mm 3650*1800mm
Cutting Angle 0-±72°
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Round-trip positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting speed 1-2500mm / min (depending on different materials)
Motor 30KW / 37KW
Warranty period 1 year
After-sales service On-site installation training and online consulting services


Technical Support:ceall.net.cn