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With 14 points of full height measurement,
Sand loss control at 15-20KG per hour, lower cost,
More precise cutting, more water and sand proof,
The thickness of the iron plate reaches 10mm

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Product introduction

This is a water knife cutter popular with stone and tile processors.

Compared with the classic 3-axis water knife, it can cut both vertically and with an Angle. The cutting range is more extensive.

Compared with the traditional 4 axis water knife, it automatically adjusts the cutting Angle, cutting more accurate, cutting faster.

When you need to cut stone and tile parquet, you can choose 2-4 degrees for irregular cutting. After cutting without secondary processing and grinding, it can be directly spliced into shape.

For some small population or high labor cost places, a molding can greatly save production costs.

Due to the water dispersion characteristic of high pressure waterline, the length of the lower surface is larger than that of the upper surface after normal vertical cutting.

So when you want the metal to be cut completely vertically, with the same upper and lower surfaces, you can use a small Angle cut, depending on the actual thickness of the material.

All kinds of metals, such as steel plate, stainless steel plate, and high inverse materials, such as aluminum plate, copper plate, according to different processing needs, multi-angle cutting, while cutting precision is higher.

Model number SH-2015 SH-2515 SH-3015 SH-3020 SH-3520 SH-4020
Effective cutting size 2000*1500mm 2500*1500mm 3000*1500mm 3000*2000mm 3500*2000mm 4000*2000mm
Cutting Angle 0-±10°
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Round-trip positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting speed 1-3000mm / min (depending on the material)
Motor 30KW / 37KW
Warranty period 1 year
After-sales service On-site installation training and online consulting services


Technical Support:ceall.net.cn